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Peter Le Voir

IPR Events London Financial Adviser

Peter Le Voir joined the team in late September 2011 to analyse, evaluate and help take forward the plans both internally and externally. He advised Roger at ITE from 1992-8 and at Expomedia from 1998-2002 where his firm raised €10.8 million of capital from ABN Amro alongside Mr Shashoua’s investment. He is Chairman and co founder in 2002 of Rhokett Limited, a fast growing own label dessert business employing over 100 people with customers including M&S; and has other advisory and teaching positions in the entrepreneurial sector. He spent ten years at Bank of Boston after graduating with an Economics Degree from St John’s College, Cambridge.


It was really a pleasure to get to see everyone and participate in our discussions and panel.

Ronald Courtney
Siemens AG, Corporate Intellectual Property

We were delighted to attend the 2014 London IP Summit and have the opportunity to present at the event. Nicely sized event. Great venue!

Andrew James
CEO | ICEBERG Capital Partners

I want to take a moment to thank the management of Summit for making it such a worthwhile experience. I know you spent many months planning the event--and it showed. The workshops were relevant and very helpful. I especially liked your selection of plenary speakers.

Karimullah Adeni
Managing Partner
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